Geo-Psy UK


  • Launch expected July 2019

  • Number of employees: 2

  • Location: Office 90, 105 London Street – Reading, RG1 4QD

  • As per the French service, the idea is to deploy a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist where needed and when needed, anywhere in the UK, within an hour of request. The service will be available to both businesses and individuals, with fully trained professionals responding to family crisis or personal support as well as crisis in the workplace. Acting fast following an upsetting event is key to mitigate a traumatic response from affected people as well as preventing a         delayed response to trauma.



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Pros-Consulte Group UK

Office 90, 105 London Street - Reading

Berkshire, RG1 4QD

United Kingdom

Pros-Consulte Group FR

10 B rue de Kerpape

56260 Larmor-Plage