• An Employee Assistance Programme provider offering to businesses a 24/7 telephone counselling platform, on-site interventions and workshops / training.

  • Launched in 2009

  • Number of employees: 10

Pros-Consulte, the first Employee Assistance Programme provider in France, offers a range of innovative solutions to employees and employers such as trainings and workshops to promote a healthy working environment, a 24/7 telephone counselling via a comprehensive online portal, on-site debriefings and crisis interventions, the services complement each other to provide an optimal wellbeing support for employees and employers.


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Pros-Consulte Group UK

Office 90, 105 London Street - Reading

Berkshire, RG1 4QD

United Kingdom

Pros-Consulte Group FR

10 B rue de Kerpape

56260 Larmor-Plage